Let me start off by introducing myself: My name is Elyse and I am a long time client of Peter’s. I am also a personal stylist/ closet organizer and have worked with Peter on numerous photo shoots for Mosaic. As Peter and I were chatting, the idea for a small editorial on what’s ‘hot’ for fall fashion came up. Pick and choose your own personal preferences, and, as I always do, make a point of mixing it in with your current pieces!

Colors of the season: shades of blue, red and yellow. Sounds like the primary wheel, I know, but it’s the ‘shades’ that make the difference. Blue’s run from denim to navy to a jeweled tone shade that hinges on deep teal. Although red is a fabulous color and everywhere this season, tones of burgundy, deep red and lots pink (think opaque blush) are popping up in dresses, shoes, booties and blazers. Yellow? Believe it or not, there is a shade of yellow for just about everyone– whether it be sunny yellow or mustard yellow, it is a stunning shade to mix with grey or navy. What’s color without the fabric of the season? Velvet and lace, lace and more lace. Velvet is everywhere from tops, blazers, pants and yes, even shoes and boots! As far as cold weather essentials go, you can’t go wrong with a great puffer jacket, shearling and of course, faux fur (kudos to whoever perfected this ‘Look-a- like’ fabric a handful of years ago)!

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