As Peter and Mosaic continue to produce ‘Monthly Beauty News’, I too, excitedly, continue with a small editorial for spring 2018 fashion trends. Not every trend works for everyone so pick and choose your personal favourites and make them your own! Where to start Ruffles! Best described as ‘whimsy in fashion’ this romantic, modern and feminine trend can be found on tops, dresses, rompers or jumpers. Most popular with off the shoulder necklines, you can wear this look with confidence to almost any occasion (minus the office). Just be sure not to over-do it to avoid looking like a calypso dancer.

Pretty pastels are everywhere. These cotton candy concoctions are lady like, sweet hues and can be paired with neutrals or even other pastels. Whether you are edgy (pair a pastel knit or t shirt with ripped, cropped jeans and white sneakers) or a bit more conservative (a beautiful flowy dress) pastels work either way.

Stripes are a personal favorite. They can take the most feminine of frocks and add a cool, athletic inspired edge. Stripes are popular up, down, diagonal, or sideways. If you’re a real fashionista and want to master the trend here’s a small tip: head to toe stripes and the more graphic the stripe, the better!

A huge trend that can be a bit challenging (especially if you don’t have your wits about you at all times) is the fringe! Not in a western sense but more like whipping strings related to burlesque dancers. The movement is fun and will make you smile but just be mindful when walking through sliding doors and maybe a word for the wise, stay away from fans with blades!

If you love denim, you’ll love this idea you may have once thought a “faux pas”: denim head to toe. By keeping the denim wash the same throughout, you keep the look clean and simple. Rock wide-leg jeans instead of skinnies and pair it with a matching ruffled denim top. Or, try a denim jumpsuit and pair it with a block heel. Either way you will look slick and hip while in the comfort of denim.

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