As you read this fashion editorial for fall/winter 2018 and all the latest trends pertaining to styling, Peter and the team at Mosaic Hair Group continue to be on top of their game with trends regarding everything “hair”!

FASHION, like most things under the “styling” umbrella, is cyclical. Follow fashion trends long enough and you’ll see exactly what I mean. One of the most prominent trends for fall is 80’s inspired fashion. Bold shoulders are prevalent on jackets, blazers and tops with 80’s hued colour blocking. Acid washed jeans? Yep, it’s a thing but far from a personal favourite (so don’t go there). In keeping with this trend philosophy, iridescent foil fabrics and neon colours all point in one direction: the 80’s is back in full swing!

Animal-mania is all the rage now where spots, stripes, you name it, are being shown head to toe! Previously, animal prints were showing up on purses, shoes or a blouse, so more like a punch of “animal”. But for fall/winter 2018, this fun, wild print takes up your entire being. Rock this trend with a cool, long, belted coat: the best way to do it without over doing it. There is no need to break the bank as you will easily find this trend at great stores like Zara or H&M.

Western detailing is not for everyone but it’s on track for this fall and winter. You will see western prints on blouses, cowboy inspired boots and fringes galore. If you’re more comfortable with just one of the three, go with the fringe! Exaggerated fringes are a huge trend on their own this fall and will be adoring the bottom of dresses and skirts in a bold way.

Other highlights for the fall/winter season are leather dresses (belted with volume or straight and fitted) and one I will always love, faux fur. Most major designers have now entered this arena of fashion offering a coat, jacket or vest in their upcoming collection. In other words, no matter what price point you are willing to spend, there is an awesome faux fur piece at your fingertips!


Pantone favourites are: Rich fall reds like red pear & valiant poppy. Feminine pinks & purples like bright fuchsia or mellow rose. Ultra violet, Sargasso Sea, dark blue or nebulas blue. Rust is also a favourite for fall as well as russet orange. Leave it to Pantone to come up with such creative names.


Think the no makeup look. Pale foundation & low-key contouring with a hint of peachy-pink blush. It’s all about the eyes where black eye-liner lends itself to an exaggerated cat eye or, if you’re a bit more out there, blue is the colour of choice: pastel or midnight, vibrant aquamarine or teal. Blue shadow, liner and mascara will put you on point with fall-winter 2018 trends. You choose how much or how little but get some blue happening.

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