Instant Highlights from L’Oréal Professionnel is our first pro heat lightening system. It is designed to give up to six levels of lift, in half the time. The answer lies in its PRO HEAT technology. The three-part system: The Instant Highlights Heating Iron, Instant Highlights Lightening Cream and Instant Highlights Aluminum Foil must be used together as, once combined, they work to ‘instantly’ lighten the hair in a controlled and safe way.

The L’Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights tool has been uniquely designed with a spacer between the plates to help protect hair from the damage caused during the heat process. The spacer also has a controlled heat gauge that is always designed to regulate the temperature every 0.2 seconds to ensure the safe temperature of 140 degrees – both factors ensure that hair does not have direct contact with heat to prevent damage.


To add strands of colour for a sun kissed effect or to gently brighten an overall look.


To revive and brighten grown out Ombré or Balayage for a quick refresh.


To instantly frame the face and accentuate facial features with clever contouring techniques and colour placement.


To add pops of colour throughout the hair from subtle pastels to bold statement shades.

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