Nirvana Blonde

If you’re going to colour your hair this season, make it Nirvana Blonde. It has a lived-in effect from the moment you leave the salon, and it’s easier on your roots too. Nirvana blondes might go a bit darker and softer, but it will still smell like teen spirit come fall.

Shine Bright

Fall is a natural time to be bolder and more daring. Jewel colours, plums, reds, and darker pinks will be all the rage when the weather finally starts to cool down. If dark blue isn’t your beat, you can also try rose golds and light purple tones.

Chestnut & Cinnamon

Why mess with a good thing? Spiced reddish browns like chestnut and cinnamon are on-trend season after season—for good reason. They add warmth and work great on most skin tones.

Honey, Honey

Apart from being one of Jessica Alba’s most classic films, honey is a smart option for blondes and brunettes alike. The slightly warmer tone is a solid option for blondes who don’t want to go full brunette but feel like switching things up.

Strawberry Shortcake

What’s cool about this shade is that both blondes and redheads can pull it off. If you’re on the darker side of blonde, earthy streaks of tawny auburn are a revelation. If you’re already in the gingery family, buttery highlights are a great option for a bit of depth.

Cool in Copper

For those that like a deeper brighter red, bright coppers are a vibrant and bold option. Copper tones draw attention to the eyes—the contrast is fetching—and work particularly well against warm skin tones.

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